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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 3: Fun with Formations

So, we now have an army. Lanselot's unit consists of the Knight himself, two Fighters, and two Wizards. The Wizards may be a problem eventually- if I play my cards right I want Lans and his Fighter flunkies as Paladins, and an ALI that high could potentially strand the Wizards in that base class, never able to become Mages with group-attack spells. But for now they're aimed-attack gold since the front row can only hit what's right in front of them, where unit leaders often aren't. Warren's got a couple Hellhounds, and large creatures in a unit determine the movement type... Hellhounds being the not-too-useful Mountain variety. But they hit three times each.

Let's look at some of the other units.

This is Paula the Cleric. She's got a fairly standard unit, but an effective one: two Fighters, two Amazons. But can you see what Paula's done wrong here?

As I mentioned, physical attackers can only hit what's in front of them. If they've got a straight shot to the unit leader, they can take it. With both Fighters standing in front of Paula like this, they both have to die before she can be hit with a physical attack.

(Also, that Fighter's name is Conan. Thought you might want to know.)

This is Landis the Samurai. He's flanked by a couple of Beast Tamers ("Beastmen" in the US for lack of space) with Alignment scores of 45. Landis has an Alignment of 61. To upgrade to Beast Master, the Tamers can't have Alignment higher than 50. To upgrade to Samurai Master, Landis will need an ALI higher than 70.

There! Landis is now flanked by Amazons Alena and (I shit you not) Lolita. Hello, skeevy Google searches! They have some better options at high Alignments, such as Muse, the upgrade from Valkyrie, which requires the same ALI range as Samurai Master. Trust me, this level of planning ahead will help.

But what about the Beast Tamers?

Kamui here is leading our new tenth unit! Those two Gryphons will give this unit the "High Sky" movement type, meaning that it is not impeded by terrain whatsoever. This will be a good unit to send out for hidden items and towns in the middle of mountains and oceans, and generally able to make quick getaways if we get in trouble. I could make two units High Sky by adding one Gryphon to each, but if that one Gryphon bites it, the movement type is changed. This is safer. I will need more Gryphons down the road, but you can encounter them to recruit on various maps.

...a Cleric and a Hellhound? I smell wacky buddy comedy material! Out with the Hellhound, in with an extra Fighter and Amazon.

I... wait, what? No. Nononono. NO. The formation is borked and we're a man or woman down. You can fit up to five humanoids or one humanoid and two beasts or three humanoids and one beast in any unit. That one dude goes and Ellis the Valkyrie is in deep trouble. The formation is so stupidly done, with each person occupying a half-space, that we have to alter that before we can add Kong the Fighter to the mix.

The last unit, except for that same dumb formation error where we need to move the front-row soldiers in a notch each, is okay! Also, he's a Wizard named Grimm, which is pretty awesome.

The last thing to do is give Lanselot the sword we found in the first level which will raise his STR by 8, and Warren a ring which increases his INT by 11 and increases his defense/power with Dark-elemental attacks like that damn Nightmare spell that killed me. It makes him more vulnerable to Holy-element stuff, but if I get my way with his development that'll be a problem for him no matter what. Heh heh heh...

Tomorrow, the Sharom district! Or possibly Shalom.

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