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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 9: Ah, Capella

Payday! And not a bad one at that. Enough to get us back over 100K after a bit of a Revive and Cure shopping spree when we got here...

Hanna finds our second hidden town! Wish it'd happened before payday, but oh well. And now I make what may be a mistake: I send Paula through the forest in an attempt to liberate a Temple on the other side. This is the main path that all the enemies stream up towards our base.

So that should be exciting!

Not sure about this, but we'll try. Luckily, Birdmen are apparently possessed of Stormtrooper-tier lousy aim! We make it, kill the front-row Birdman, and most of the unit levels up. Next up are Doll Mages and Ninjas. That doesn't go as well, but judicious application of the High Priestess card (+50HP to the each member of our unit) means we all survive.

Here's what the Sun card looks like. It... kinda backfires. That 21 HP Fighter isn't as nice a guy as I thought. So I revive him after the battle. But we win! I send Kamui north through the mountains to pick off some stragglers and level up, and then he's going to go occupy the town Canopus just liberated so Canopus can go attack the boss. Paula holds her own at the temple, and Canopus' bludgeons his way to the enemy castle.

And confronts Capella the Necromancer.

He's flanked by Devils. They get Fooled again. That trick stops working near the end of the game, incidentally. But it bloody well works right now.

And Capella goes the way of all squishy mages.

And our money increases considerably.

Tomorrow: Lake Jansenia, and a mystery!

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