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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ogre Battle 59: Angels and Demons

Yushis is the second type of Angel, which is called something in English I forget, and is of the order of Thrones in Japanese. Japanese games often dredge up lesser-known things like that. It's kinda neat. As I anticipated, she joins Rauny's group. I blow most of my Omicron-killing money on Boots, naturally.

And where does our new Chaos Gate lead? The land of Antanjyl, home of Galf the Demon! Remember him? He had that show on GNBC where he was from the planet Gmelmac? ...wait, I may have him confused with somebody else...

Antanjyl's a pain in the ass. One town between the two bases visible, Galf's castle being off the edge of the screen on the left side, but in the frozen north? A shit-ton of hidden towns and temples. My fliers are going to be busy...

Because it's a long walk to all these towns, I'm going to abuse the Seven League Boots, as usual- liberate, Boot, move on, repeat. I pull Norn's unit to take care of the shop town- there's much unholy about this place, and her Holy-element attacks will be invaluable here. Plus, Slust and Fenril have old business with Galf...

No, we're not being attacked by Hershey's Bars- those are Vampires in their coffins! The sun's nearly down, and the nights are long here. However, if we pull the Sunlight item they'll remain helpless.

But... but... payday!!

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