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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ogre Battle 61: Ha! I Kill Me! (Actually No, I Kill Him)

Talk about perfect timing! The moment before the Lich attacks, Canopus liberates the last town and draws The World, the antimagic card. If FLAIL takes too much damage from the first Phantom spell, we'll simply nullify the next two. But it goes a lot better than that- the first spell whiffs on FLAIL, which gives our Priest the time she needs to exorcise the Skeletons and give the Paladins a clean shot to the Lich. He gets his second spell off, but is dust before he can even think about firing off the third.

As I previously anticipated, they're coming up the northern road now. Once dawn and payday hit, which won't be long, we're kicking Norn over there and putting one or two of the others to guard the shop town. She'll face down Galf, and then we can all go home.

Vampires don't look nearly as tough in the daytime.

Alright, time to get moving. Good thing too, because even though Norn's unit's ALI is high, their Charisma is dropping again because they outclass their enemies so much. Norn's biggest challenge here is a series of Witch/Tiamat units that can do enough direct damage to drop her. But only her, and her buddies generally finish the others off before the fight ends anyway.

And here's Galf. Ugly bastard.

The Phantoms are no thing. But I play The World to shield them from Galf's Meteor attack, which I think is magical in nature...

It is. Totally whiffs, and after Yushis and Norn tag him with Holy element attacks, Debonair finishes him off with his fancy new sword. Galf says something pithy, and dies.

And that's the end of Antanjyl.

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