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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ogre Battle 60: Norn The Wiser

Payday wins that argument, and time passes normally. They're headed straight for the base- FLAIL should be able to beat them. But if not, I know who can...

Norn wins her first fight against a Goetic and Phantom unit without breaking a sweat. FLAIL wins his first round despite the Vampires charming his front-row Paladins, and despite his Ice Requiem attack doing nearly nothing to Vampires. Once the Gryphon in that unit dies, though, this may be a job for good old Warren.

Norn is unimpressed. She wipes the floor with the lot of them. Werewolves, Weretigers, Vampires, Black Knights, all of it, she mows them down... and even though her level is equal or higher, her Alignment and Charisma are on the rise again! But then the stream of enemies stops, and I suspect Galf has caught wind of my advances in the frozen north.

...no, just a lull before the real fun begins. Can our hero stand against a Lich, or will we have to fight fire with Evil, Evil Fire?

I'm watching this go-round VERY carefully. If it so much as looks like FLAIL might die, we're retreating and leaving them to Warren. If FLAIL dies it is Game Over.

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