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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ogre Battle 67: Soft Re-Boot

The first enemies are appearing, and we have a problem. They're Levels 20-21. Paula's unit is levels 14-15, but at least she's got Freijas. But this may be quite the beating.

May be even more of a beating since they're ignoring her and heading more in Hannah's direction. Hannah's unit being a level lower than Paula's overall. Well, there's always Warren.
But Paula gets her turn too, attacked by Ravens and a Cockatrice. Paula wins and aces one of the Ravens, Hannah loses but survives. On a re-Boot, she does much better, and all her front-row Samurai are promoted to Master status. I start to send Gilbert across to the town nearest Fogel...

...and he runs into a whole mess of trouble. He makes it through however, and we boot Norn's unit to that town to hold off the enemy and get ready to make a boss-attack run. May as well have Fogel's buddies do the pummeling to heighten the shounen-anime ambience.

Then, at this hidden town, Gilbert learns of the Firecrest (known as the Fireseal in the US due to character limitations), a powerful item which is said to allow entrance to a place known as Dragon's Heaven.

It doesn't. For whatever reason, Dragon's Heaven is not accessible through the main game, and you have to enter your name as FIRESEAL (or in this case "Faiakuresuto") to play the Dragon's Heaven stage. Nobody is really sure why.

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