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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ogre Battle 87: The Heart of the Empire

I am really apprehensive about tackling Zeteginea. I surprise myself in fact at how worried this makes me. But we're almost there, so onward!

Big map, HUGE map, with an endless stream of enemies. Yup, Endless. A lot of them being clones of Gares the Black Knight, who was and is a total bastard to fight. We have to get to a hidden Roshfallian Temple in the upper right corner to stop that. That'll be Canopus' job because Kamui probably wouldn't survive the intercept. Kamui's got some hidden stuff to track down for me and some towns to take so that we can defend against the tide of Black Knights. Then it's Boots to the Liches, and we get somebody up there to fight Empress Endora. Plus, we need, NEED to get at least one World card between then and now to even stand a chance. So let's get cracking.

(One neat thing, though? Your base in this stage is Xanadu Castle, which we just liberated last round! Rauny can even visit her dad's grave while she waits to be deployed! ...too soon?)

Hey, there's a Gares Mass-Production Type now! His official class name is "Dark Prince," incidentally. Kamui's cutting it close, but Gares may be more interested in our base. Think I'll pull somebody to guard that in the meantime so FLAIL doesn't lose a lot of Alignment. I decide to let Norn's 31K unit do it. We've spared no expense. /JohnHammond

Kamui sticks the landing and Warren's guarding the midway-point town now. Good Night, Dark Prince. Kamui's off to find other hidden towns, Gilbert's on his way to the shop town, and Canopus is heading up to the Temple to put a cork in that big mystical faucet that's leaking Dark Princes...

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