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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ogre Battle 91: Special Boss Murdering Unit

Alright, let's get moving. This is the last of it, and there are no less than THREE bosses of this stage. They each have different weaknesses and also special dialogue depending on who fights them, so we're going to make a special boss-murdering unit:

Tristan has business with the first boss, Saradin with the second. Norn's Holy magic will help us deal with the third. Again, not to be a coward here, but: no way FLAIL's getting anywhere near any of them.

And here we are. Rashidi's in the southwest, so we're going to send all our fliers to the town closest to him and the shop town. No other stops. We've got to end this.
By some miracle we get to both targets before we even see the enemy. So we place Warren near Rashidi and Rauny near the shop town. The fliers swing off to capture other towns, because why not. If we get to payday I'm gonna need to soften the blow. We're fully deployed and ready for anything. Which means something has to go wrong.

There are the enemies! Let's see how that goes.

...ah, there's our going wrong.

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