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Friday, August 3, 2012

The King Game: Fight Against Demons - The Card Game

Back in June we alerted you to the existence of a fun little show called The King Game: Fight Against Demons. But did you know that there's merchandise for this obscure Anime gem? Yes, the Fight Against Demons CCG was actually released to bootleggers and flea markets everywhere. And unlike a certain other card game you may have heard of, there are character cards!

Starting of course with Sea Horse, everyone's favorite rich rival.

For some reason Shingnon's name has been translated as "Inside the Town," but who am I to argue with the makers of this fine, entirely licensed and official card game?

I always have trouble calculating the hurting result.

I use a lot of Psychedelic Heat-type monsters in my deck.

And of course, Game's second-best Demon...

Probably calling collect at that.

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