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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 43 (Chasin' that lime green hobo, livin' that Dragon Quest dream...)

And we're back for Tuesday!

As I recall when we last left off, we had just had a close encounter with a bunny girl prostitute, and I guess it could be worse, because it could be one of the guys in the cowls with horns on them. Try not to think about it, just agree with me and we'll see what else we can find...
Come to think of it, I think I've found something on the top floor of the bar.

Lime green- ick.
That is one ugly looking dude, if you ask me. On par with the guys in the hoods, he looks a bit like a cave man in a lime green suit. That's... That's pretty awful. He speaks with us for a long while, then wanders off on his stinky way to go and do whatever the hell he feels like doing at the moment. Godspeed, greasy hobo. Godspeed.

I guess he's a trigger, so now we have to go and find what he triggers, don't we? Time to speak to people in town!

...Oh, hi! We weren't talking about YOUR suit- we met another Piltdown Man in an even worse lime green suit.
Or we walk right down a flight of stairs, and bump into him. I like it when the triggers are simple, and easy to find. First he mentions "50,000" which might be how much cash he wants for us to repair the sword? I'm still assuming that's why we're here... Unless this has to do with the main plot again, assuming that finding the smith isn't part of the plot, which if I remember from Dragon Quest games, it was fairly optional. After a moment though, he says "2,000" which is more reasonable, but we could have covered either. I'll agree to it, because I want me a fancy sword!

I guess now we have to find his forge? I guess we can manage that. Time to scout around!

Ooooh, I think we found a different trigger!

Hey, a priest isn't supposed to talk to people if he's not saving their game!
That conversation seems like it's probably really important, since that priest wasn't here last time I was in this church. I'll go speak with him and see if it unlocks anything that I can do in town, or... or... or:

Is Disguise Hobo part of the big DC Comics Reboot? It should be.
Or the stinky hobo is a master of freaking disguise. I'm starting to think this is going to be something like the little asshole prince we escorted, and now we're going to have to track down the reluctant smith all over the damn town, and force him into making the sword. Shit.

Well, he ran off in a flash, so it's time to see if we find him again.

Oh God, I was expecting this, but I never wanted to see it.

And Disguise Hobo Hide n' Seek sounds like a bad WiiWare game.
Please let this be a bad dream? Please? Pretty please with candy-coated fish heads?

Don't know it's if related, since both of them ran off. I have a feeling it was, but for the sake of my libido I'm going to pretend that it wasn't, and move on. I think I've stumbled onto something though, because this guy didn't ask me a question last time.

What do you MEAN, 'Which Disguise Hobo?' He's a unique sprite!
And it looks like the correct answers for this event are no, no, yes. Trial an error my friends, trial and error.

His name is also Hock. Which I assume is what he'll do to your sword if you're not careful.
You magnificent bastard, if I didn't want this sword fixed, I would end you now. He runs off, and just as we're getting ready to follow him, we're greeted with wall after wall of text, from the old man and the guy in the horny hat, at the end of the bar... I think.

'2 people,' something something something dark side...
I see. So he distracted me with the babble of two old lushes, did he? Well two can play at that game! I'll just get drunk and play, that way you all can read a post that's just seven trillion of the letter N, and one picture of my butt! That'll show him!... Ok, it won't, and it wouldn't be funny for anyone else but me... but it would be funny for me, and that's what matters, right? No? Dammit.

Off we go to look for our magical hobo, and this time we find him in the really nice house down the well in the center of town. Where else would a magical hobo be?

'Hot Chicks with Disguise Hobos' ...I think that's a website.
I think the part that bothers me the most, is the very not hobo-looking woman that's in the top part of the house. I know love is blind and all, but I damn sure know love has a nose, and tactile sensation, and nothing about him looks like it would be something I want to touch. So, he takes money from us, and then... nothing. Nothing at all... Hmm... This is a bit of a thinker...


We have to go and find some sort of magical ore, so that he can repair the damage done to the sword, don't we? Of course we do! This is an old school RPG, where that sort of thing happens all the time! Now we go to leave town, to look for a cave! It has to be a cave, this time!

Maybe the tower's MADE of the magical ore and you just need a chisel!

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