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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dragon Quest X announced! (Should we be worried?)

Courtesy of Siliconera, here's everything known about the game so far! In short, it's going to be a lot like DQIX, but take things a step further in combat-system revision and multiplayer. The latter meaning that it'll have the online multiplayer Dragon Quest IX should've had. Yay! There's also some nifty new item-crafting options, and it's going to have enhanced graphics when played on Wii U. There's a beta test coming up, and I would probably give several key organs to get into it, but I'm not in the right place and lack the right region of Wii. Damn! I am happy that it's Classic Controller-compatible, as that's my Wii controller of choice.

...but as I write this, reports are coming in that the game may require an internet connection after the first few hours- which makes the rumor of a monthly fee a bit more credible. Guys, don't make a Dragon Quest I won't buy. You haven't done it yet, don't start now...

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