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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ogre Battle 27: Can I Go Now?

While awaiting his enemies, Gilbert delivers the Golden Beehive on FLAIL's behalf. In exchange, Posha gives us a Sentoul Demon statue. After the stage I'll show you what that's for, but trust me: that's good.

But the enemies are now lining up around the block to fight Gilbert. That's bad.

The Frogurt is also cursed.
I Boot a couple other units up to the town to hold it, but none of the ones which contain Clerics that could exorcise the Ghosts because I am a GENIUS. Landis the Samurai loses, big time: his frontline Samurai die, and he loses the fight overall. But the unit leader's dead, so it's not a complete screwup.

I fly Gilbert off towards the nearest Temple to revive his Wyrm, but it's... kind the objective of a Cleric/Devil unit. Hoo boy. Sammy the Knight ALSO loses, but this time to a Vultan with Clerics and Wizards. Maybe Ashe will do better. ...but not. Can't ANY of you assholes hold a town for me? Don't make me call Shaft...

Well, shit. Not sure if it's Shaft I'll be getting, but SOMEBODY has to be able to stand against this wall of enemies. And, with another dead Samurai and lost battle, it sure as hell ain't Landis.

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