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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ogre Battle 46: Shaft Lives Up To His Name In Entirely The Wrong Way


...you know, that went really quite poorly.
The Tiamats get two rounds of Evil Dead EACH, so one Demon and one Wizard bit it. Luckily the remaining Demon's wings were strong enough to keep the rest of the unit afloat. So time to heal up and go back to town- I only have one World card, but I think I'm gonna use it in hopes of these guys leveling up. All it takes is a couple stages for your primary ass-kicker to be obsolete. On the upside? I've always got Warren.

Oh good. Next is a Ninja Master and Phantoms. Nothing I can do to the Phantoms, but the Ninja Master shouldn't be too bad. Well, we'll see...

Shaft is on a ROLL. So we'll make a Judgement call. By which I mean we'll call up the Judgement card and ace the Phantoms. Told you this map was rough... But that does the job, and we wipe out the unit. The Wizard who put down the Ninja Master doesn't gain any alignment despite being four levels below the guy he killed. In which case, I'm going to have Tristan recruit a couple spare Goetics and stick them in this unit sometime soon, because I'm sick of waiting for these guys to grow the hell up on their own. On the upside, we get free Termites from the dead Ninja. That's probably the first time that sentence has been written in all of human history.

This time it's a Goetic and Titans! Hopefully they don't have too much wrath.

Over here, Canopus meets with his sister Yuria. She's been worrying about him and gives him- well, me -the gift of a stat-boosting Vitality Potion!

So it's just after midnight, and we control a fair bit of the map. Shaft is barely surviving and not accomplishing the ALI boost I wanted him to have. I send out one last unit to try and grab a town- Hanna, who is just plain dead if she gets attacked -and once I can pull a Sunlight item successfully, we're going to visit the boss.

A Goetic/Tiamat and Doll Master/Raven unit each converge on Warren. That's going to be a lot of fun.

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