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Monday, April 23, 2012

Ogre Battle 47: Promotions

Of the 8 individuals who comprised the two units attacking Warren, ONE lives to tell the tale. And that one was close.
Lanselot, meanwhile, is attacked by an odd mismatch of Devils and Angels. We play a Justice card to help loosen them up, and then an Empress card because Lans is extremely vulnerable to the Devils' Nightmare spells. And will be even more so now that he's become a Paladin!
I Boot Warren over to Shaft's town to serve as backup- amusingly, just in time for him to bump into the straggler from the ambush party before. It's almost Go Time, so we'd best be ready.

Hanna and Kamui both hit their marks, so we force Payday. Not bad, not bad. And then we deploy Rauny, who gets Booted to the front to confront our enemy. Warren accompanies her to lessen her ALI damage and distract the enemy. It works up to a point... that point being when she has to kill a mess of Clerics and her alignment plummets to 34. Eek! But it's too late to turn back now. Also, I'm not sure precisely how, but one of the Valkyries in the unit managed to keep a high enough Alignment to give us a second Freija/Muse. Even more Alignment-killing firepower, yay!

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