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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ogre Battle 51: The Road to Mastery

I select Landis for the all-important job of taking the town nearest the enemy base. He's done pretty well so far, and I think at least one of his Valkyries will hit Freija/Muse soon if all goes well.

Aisha finally loses a battle against that annoying Cleric/Golem combo, leaving lowly Lv. 9 Gilbert to mop up... good thing Gilbert can do some serious damage to Golems. He takes one of them out, and he's now slightly less lowly Lv. 10 Gilbert!

Landis is starting to encounter enemies on his road to the capital. But my faith in him is ultimately borne out, as he wins his battles and becomes my first Samurai Master in the process. (With a Freija to back him up!) As we wait for him to finish cutting through the enemies and hitting town, Aisha finally takes out the Golems Gilbert softened up for her. Plus, Paula's unit kills more Ghosts and ranks up to Freijas and one Paladin- quite good for the Little Unit That Couldn't. We're just about good to go...

Landis gets too close to the boss, so I have him retreat before they meet. Perfect placement. The town is ours. We kick Norn over there and she begins her attack run.

Encounter! Debonair and his old friend talk. I think about hair care secrets, but Kuas clearly has the edge on that one, since he looks more or less like Sephiroth probably did before he went grey. And then of course we fight.

He had Dragons slightly before I took this. We didn't need a single card, they just tore through him and his dragons like they were nothing. Figaro has a touching death scene or some shit, and bequeaths his sword to Debonair.

And we're done playing in the snow!

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