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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Torneko Day 13: Three Lives are just the Beginning.

Well, the new dungeon might be harder. Liclicks on the third or fourth floor multiply, corner me and wipe me out. Pity, too- I had a pretty good store of items there. Good news is that safe-looking item isn't required to keep my money safe- not all of it anyway, since 140 of what I got in there went towards our current savings goal. I think that's half of what I'd gotten but I'm not certain. Either way, I'm going back!

Dammit. Dead on Floor 1, with a measly 14 Gold going into the missus' latest project. I'm going back again!

No idea what this sword is, but it looks neat. It also has an attack power of 10. First thing I found this time in- promising!

And then I drop into Floor 4 in a Monster House. If you're ever in this situation and you come in close to a corridor, head for that. Quick. Now, Bodkin Archers are super-dangerous in a setup like this, because they'll shoot at you even if monsters are between you. If they kill the other monsters they level up and become more powerful. I've got one up to Level 3 here, and I'm concerned.

DAMMIT. I manage to take the Archer out, but the LAST enemy, the bloody Magician, puts me to sleep and beats me to death. Upside is, another 100G or so goes into the fund. And back I go again.

Another good sword- the Liquid Metal Sword/Metal Babble Sword! Attack Power 7, meaning whatever I had when I died last was better than one of the best Dragon Quest swords. Bleh.

Second from the bottom is the Mekki Scroll. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that will rustproof my gear. If I don't see the word Monster in the description, I'm trying it.

Well, the shield has a star next to the name now, so I think I was right. The LMSword doesn't, but it may be naturally corrosion-proof.

On Floor 7, dying of hunger, I discover the Escape Scroll! The Riremito Scroll takes me straight to the exit- yes friends, you read that right. For the first time in weeks, Torneko Taloon has escaped the Mystery Dungeon ALIVE. My wife happily informs me that the gear I brought back is worth 4000G or so, and I assume she's keeping it all to sell since I don't have it. I'd be upset that she's sending me back into the dungeon with nothing but a loaf of bread, but I'd probably just die and lose the super-valuable Liquid Metal Sword anyway.

Tomorrow: back to the mines!

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