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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 6 (a horse is a horse, of course, of course.)

And I return today with more Dragon Quest viiviii, whatever, for your pleasure today. I'd like to point out that with the new addition of my latest piece of equipment for this site, there was ever so slight of an accident that completely erased all of the save files on the cartridge, so I've just spent a good amount of time to get back to where I was. I'd like to say that this is why I don't like cartridge based games, but that's a lie. I still love cartridge based games, and always will.

After all of the work I just went through, I head to the Inn to rest up so that I can go to the next plot point, when I realize that I am not staying in this inn, and never will.

What's more disturbing is his twin brother up there, Mr. I-like-to-watch.
Ok, so this inn only has one room, that's not so bad. Hell, it's pretty common, for the medieval timeline we're looking at... but it has two beds, and they are right next to each other. There is an old man in that bed, and he looks like the sort that wants to cuddle, so I am keeping far, far away.

I make my way to the castle so that I can hand in the... I don't know what he wanted me to bring, so I'll guess it's a ten gallon bucket with a single fig inside of it, floating in jello. That seems reasonable. After bringing the fig bucket to the man inside, the man dismisses me without any real hint as to what I'm supposed to do, and I wander the castle. With security as tight as it is here, how the hell did this happen?

Maybe this is Creepy Old Men with Fetishes Town and he likes pretending he's a horse.
There's just a random wagon in the middle of the castle, with an old man standing by it. It doesn't have a horse, so I guess the old dude pulled it all the way here for no reason? Makes as much sense to me as anything else. I speak to the man, and I have the odd feeling that I'm going to have to go and catch that horse I saw the other day... fuck, where was that horse?

I head out of town to begin aimlessly wandering the area when all of the sudden:

He's not an old person with bizarre proclivities. He's hired!
Our friend, Mister Purple Mohawk shows up! Awesome! I hope you are here to join the party and make this all less of a hassle... he does join me!... And this is all more of a hassle, now, because he is level gods damn three, and I'm going to have to level him up before we go anywhere. God damn it!

Alright, level 7 is good enough for now. I also managed to find the horse area, which I think is where I'm going. I guess it's time to find out.

Horse mugging was the number one crime of the middle ages, according to the Bureau of Rectally-Extracted Statistics.
Maybe. To be honest, it looks more like we're cornering the horse to force it to give us its wallet, and that would be fine with me after all of the equipment I had to buy for... uhh... well crap, what do we call him? Since he has a purple mohawk, a pair of tight shorts, and what looks like a vest, I'm going to go with George. He looks like a George, to me.

George and I rush the horse, which seems the reasonable thing to do in this situation, and then he punches it, which does not seem the reasonable thing to do. We talk to the beast for a bit, and either it or my other party member asks me a question, to which I say yes, and the horse joins our party... I hope I don't have to power level it.

Back in town, the castle guard seems slightly hesitant to let me wander in with a horse in tow... Why?! You let a man with a HORSE WAGON inside, why did you not expect a horse to appear for said wagon? It takes me a moment to figure out what to do, but I go with the cunning plan of saying 'No' instead of 'Yes', and I'm allowed in.

I give the old man his horse, and he's so happy he begins jumping into the air!... Or maybe it was the horse that was jumping. I'm not sure, because I'm pretty tired at this point, and old people and horses are pretty similar.

'Stop! Don't leave that man alone with that horse!'
As soon as the jumping stops, a man runs into the room and talks frantically to us about something, for a few moments. We now do whatever any reasonable person would when they have someone yell at them for bringing a horse into a castle, and follow them upstairs, where it looks like we'll be meeting the king!

'Ah, people WITHOUT uniforms! Clearly their skills and training will be superior.'
The king seems rather interested in seeing us, and dismisses the silly-looking people in green that are there. He comes down off of his throne to talk to us for a few moments, then steps back and I can move again. This tells me that I've been given a quest, whether I like it or not. That's fine, that's what video games are about. doing quests that you hate for people you hate to save the world that will have forgotten you by the next game... assuming it's the same world.

I head out of town, new quest in hand, and decide that I should likely check out those two blocked gates to the north and south, since I'm pretty sure those are the ONLY directions to head that I haven't explored.

However as soon as I do step foot outside, I'm happy to see this guy is with us, but not the old man!

'Horse Protective Services stepped in, and you're this horse's legal guardian now.'

Sweet! I think I'll call him Ponyta, because he's a horse in a video game, and there are like three, so I might as well.

I head through the gate, and as it turns out yes, the northern one is open and I can pass through. That or the guard just doesn't give a good goddamn any more, and he's just letting the most crazy-looking people he sees through. Either way, George, Ponyta and I head on through.

Katakana says: Arrow Dog.
And are instantly greeted by a traveling freak show! Neat. I know the one on the ground is a Babble, but the one in the air? He's a bat/cat demon of some form, so I'll call him... Pumon, which is a combination of pussycat, and demon. I know it's bad, but I'm tired enough that it was going to be that, or smashing my head on the keyboard and calling it that.

I never could figure out why these were named Gizmo.
Uhhh... and for these guys, I'm going to go with Bloud, because they're bastards, and they're clouds. Why are they bastards? Well first of all, look at them. Don't they just look like bastards? And on top of that, I'm pretty sure one of them poisoned me... Or it might have been the battle before that... or it might have been that hooker. Anyway it's a few screens later, when my party member is dying of the bubonic crotch plague, or whatever, that I spot this:

I'd be careful: technically this IS a House on the Borderland.
A small building in the middle of nowhere? This can only end well. Perhaps a merchant of some sort? Let's find out, shall we?

At least having churches as save points means you don't have to slog back to a king like with older Dragon Quests.
Not a weapon shop, but also not a bad thing to have. I get George cured up, and take the time to heal up and save. This church seems a lot nicer than the big city churches I've been to so far, so I'm going to spend a bit of time here, and call it quits for the day. I've fallen asleep twice now, and don't think I can concentrate anymore.

So before my head hits the keyboard, I'll be back tomorrow for more, and till then you guys flail ghjyu.

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