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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 18 (what the hell am I looking at?

And we return for yet another week where I had absolutely no free time to get anything together in advance, and it's getting ready to thunderstorm. That being the case, I'm going to try to make this post a little short, but as entertaining as I can manage. Here's hoping, eh?

Is there a Bunny Girl class in this one? That's Jester/Goof-off... I forget.
Time to try some new jobs. I don't know about you, but I think I'll keep my distance from Bunny Girl, if it happens to be one. Now... how in the blue blazes does this work, anyway?

And the numbers are: Level, Attack, Defense, Style.
I am totally sure that these numbers mean something, but I'll be god damned if I know what. I guess it's Strength, Magic and Defense? Sure, let's go with that. I click yes and I find myself on a screen that makes almost no sense, which is pretty good, since most of the time it all just makes no sense across the board.

And the classes are: Soldier, Martial Artist, Magic User, Priest, Dancer, Thief, Monster Tamer, Merchant, Goof-Off(Aha!)
Either those are job classes, or pizza toppings. I'm guessing that it's pizza, because no two numbers can seem to agree, and nothing is either better than you wanted, or at least even. I guess I'm going to have to pick a class and hope? Sure, might as well.

I've switched around stats a bit, putting people in classes that don't seem to lower the stats that I think are related to magic and strength. I think I did ok, and I tried to make everyone a different class, so this should... probably backfire badly, let's be honest.

Now equipment!

NO NEW EQUIPMENT! COCKS! Well, since it seems that we're stuck with what we have, whatever it is, we had better figure out what the party can do before we move on... god damn this is going to suck, but at least we have low level monsters around to practice on, so it's a bit of a blessing.

Nothing has changed, and we don't seem to have any new job skills... Ok... I'm going to have to just move on, even though this storm is getting loud, and I'm hoping I don't lose my save file due to a power outage. Uhh... oh hell, let's go back to whatever that last town was and see if the ship takes us to a new plot point. *fingers crossed*

Getting the boat always makes things feel so open and free.
Oooooo! We can sail the ship now! Which, if we're very lucky, should lead us too...

The big things are called Orcman. I don't see Marvel publishing it anytime soon.
... That's not what I was expecting, but as long as we're here, we might as well try to kill the hell out of them. The party hasn't lost that much strength, so they're not that hard to kill, and that works out fine for me.

I decide to take the time wasting approach, since the storm is either moving away, or waiting to strike when I least expect it, and I start taking right turns, then landing whenever I find somewhere I can. There's a mountain range right along this coast that ends, so I hop up and find a whole new town!


I step foot into the town and the first thing worth mentioning about it is the inn has no roof:

Something tells me the rainy season is slow.
Which is... well, it's pretty damn strange, to be entirely honest with you. This could be a plot point of some sort later, as could the fact that the man at the inn doesn't seem to want me to stay there. Guess I'll look around and see if anything seems suspicious.

I like the silly hat.
Does that guy's sprite look different to you, or is it just me? I'm going to take a risk here, and bet that it's different... the risk being that if I'm wrong, nothing happens, and that would be boring. I speak to him, and... then there's a lot of dialog. I guess he wasn't important, or possibly not yet, but there's something about that sprite... and the fact that he's wearing armor, in bed.

I speak with everyone in the town that I can see, then decide to check to see if the trigger is set, and I can stay at the inn. The innkeeper asks me something, which I reply yes to, because I'm agreeable, and then the dialog closes. Fine then, fuck you, NO is what you're getting! Which interestingly enough seems to be the right answer, and he then asks me something else, which I go back to my old self for. Fade to black, the inn is slept in...n.

For most of the night, at least, since I'm shortly woken by either a one-armed drummer who just smoked six pounds of pot, and can't get up to speed, or what could be Mechagodzilla attacking the town at the rate of one step a second. Either could be quite interesting.

'Go back to bed! These Soothing Monster Noises are a complimentary feature of the inn!'
Except that Fatty McFatfat the innkeeper is blocking the door... And here's where the roof comes into play. Remember kids, if you ever see a flat roof, chances are at some point you're going to have to climb up there to fight Godzilla.

Wezilla is attacking! Where are the Maser Tanks when you need them?
Ok, that doesn't looks like Godzilla at all. That looks like Godzilla has sex with a flamboyant weasel, and this was what was born of it. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you... WEZILLA!

Boring-ass real-world name: Monstra. Wezilla it is!
Thankfully, aside from a group attack that can't even compare to the groovy thunder lizard we just beat, he's pretty much a pushover, which pleases us greatly. I guess that Godzilla is going to have to go make some more sweet, sweet weasel love down by the radioactive fire... That sentence kind of hurt my soul.

'Dammit, this guy's paid in advance for the next TWENTY YEARS! Now back off.'
I beat him, and then the Innkeeper runs out, likely to thank me for all I've done.

Poor Guy. Couldn't he just turn into some kind of Were-Turnip or something equally harmless?
... Or to stop me from killing the guy we met who was laying in the bed, either one. In the morning, the innkeeper tells me something that is probably significant, and I ignore him and head to the guy's house. I have the strange feeling that this guy doesn't know he's a horrible monster... and it's giving me the option to tell him. I'm going to go out on a limb here and wait to tell him, and for some reason it defaults to no... farther limb climbing gives me the instinct of picking that option, because I'll bet I have to find a cure for him, first. And that's what I'll do, first thing tomorrow.

Sorry it's not a great update, but I've been out in the sun a lot of the day, it's in the high 90s, and the coming storm has made me rush. If we still have power tomorrow, I'll have another update for you then. Till then, keep flailing.

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