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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 27 (Big Friday Update!)

And we're back for a hopefully long, hopefully interesting, if not informative, Friday update. This is also a special installment, because it's going to cover the question: "Is That Guy brain damaged?" You'll find out why, soon.

Let's start with a few things I've figured out, first.

Max level Monster Tamer! Nice!
Do you see this? This is apparently my class level screen. All of those gold stars mean that I maxed out this class some time ago, and only just noticed it. That's not all, folks! It turns out that as we went along, most people leveled out their classes! Isn't that great? But now this begs the question, how did I not notice?

Because all of the new abilities? They're one screen over from where the powers I normally use are. Yes, you heard me, I didn't know I had mastered most of the classes I've picked, because I didn't scroll one screen to the right.

So I think it's safe to say yes, I do have brain damage, thank you.

But at least all of the characters were not fully leveled out in their classes, so I took the time to go back to the last dungeon I was in, and fight the monsters inside for hours on end till I had leveled... and by that, I mean about 20 battles.

Let's move on, and pretend I'm not dumb, ok?

And Chekhov's Magic Key comes into play.
This thing has a magic door thing on it, so I'm betting it's where we go next. Also, it's right next to the castle where we got the spell/key/secret knock that lets us open them. Ain't that handy? We'll step inside and see if we come across anything that's trying to kill us.

Well well! Well, just the one well. Oh well.
That's a well, and while they don't always try to kill us themselves, there's usually something waiting in there to kill us... Ok, I've never run into anything in a well to the other world that's trying to kill us, so never mind. Also, I just learned that hitting the L bumper is an auto search/talk command... The really, really sad thing about that is I think this game just got about 30% easier, with that small piece of knowledge.

Now fear is welling in our heroes...
Also, I was wrong, and there's something in the well that wants us dead. Isn't that nifty? Let's try some of the new powers, if I can find some to use.

...but they're well-armed!
I think I found some... Now see, this I don't blame myself for, because this is listed under what I think are special attacks, and since the start of the game, the hero has had none. Given that he had none, I only checked once when he got the class, and then never again. Sure he had spells, but... fuck it, I'm dumb. Let's see what the bottom right one does.

It makes the screen go red. That's not that interesting, so we'll try the one above it. Since we're at it, we'll also try one of Georges new attacks.

And ultimately shall acquit themselves well.
These are the ones that were one screen over from what I was normally using... Yep. Anyway, we'll try the bottom right again, since it's probably the most powerful attack, and I'm all for killing ugly things quickly.

Ok, now those are worth remembering. The one second from the bottom on the right hand side is a fire attack, for the hero. And the bottom right one for George is a line of fire that looks like it hits a monster four times for a nice chunk of damage. I'm all for this attack.

The problem now seems to be that the monsters die rather quickly that I've found these attacks, but I'm all for that, too. It probably only has a thousand hit points, or more likely around eight hundred, but it doesn't take that long for us to kill it dead.

Down the rabbit hole we go!

And we come up into a new area, which is what I was hoping for. I head to the southeast from here, since it looks like it's the only way to head, and find a small, quaint looking town, likely full of a quiet people, who peddle their local goods.

Done with the well puns now. Looks like the standard Dragon Quest Resort Town to me!
Or it's fully of yuppies, which looks pretty likely to me. Damn it, I think I'm getting worse and worse at guessing these things... Hopefully that's entertaining to you, and all is well. Let's make a guess about what we find next... A dragon! Not in town, obviously, but probably the next plot hook. Now, let's see what we can find around town...

'Sorry for your loss. Where do you keep your Mini Medals again?'
A house with a locked door, and a grave out front. Aside from a nice selection at what might be an armor shop, this looks like all there is of any interest in the town. Time to speak with everyone till something happens!

Ok, I don't know if I found a trigger, but I've talked to everyone now, and I guess I've triggered something if there is one. Time to look around for a cave, or well, or stairs or something... Or a tower, we haven't seen a tower in a while.

Well we did find one thing:

How does it feel?
A monster that has an instant death attack. Since it seems to have mastered death, I can only call this a Rolling Stone. Just look at all of that band and tell me that Death isn't afraid of them, and I'll call you a liar.

Feels pretty death-y. Dylan forgot that part.
So yeah, it self destructs when you kill it, and kills everyone but the party leader, from the look of it. On the bright side of things though, we found a set of stairs that leads down to something, which will hopefully include a cleric. We NEED a cleric right now, bad.

Oh thank God, it's a new town!

A decidedly familiar town!
And I have the slightest hunch that we might be in the right area for more plot points. First thing's first, we're going to go to the church and:

The speaker's name is... Maggot?
Walk directly into a plot point, I guess. They seem to be fairly upset, since I'm seeing a lot of ellipses while they talk, and the number ten popped up, so... A disease that has claimed ten people's lives? No! Wait! A dragon that's claimed ten people's lives! That has to be it!

I have a slight hunch about what I'm supposed to do here:

'Sorry for YOUR loss too. No, don't get up- we know where to find the Mini Medals now.'
I must kill that dog! No, that's not what I'm supposed to do. I bet the house is unlocked here, because there's now a woman standing there. A woman who looks a lot like the one that was in front of the grave in the other world. I'd still like to know what the hell is up with the two worlds, but I have a feeling one is going to turn out to be fake or something.

Back to the game, it looks like I was right, because I can go into the house. I take a look around for a little bit, and I find the second floor answers some questions.

Ah, how we miss our little Thor.
I have the strange feeling that 10 was actually an age, and that the grave outside belongs to a child. That blows, because it means I'm totally wrong about the disease, or dragon... And a child died, which is bad, too. But seriously, look at the selection of toys for a moment. A panda doll, which I can get. A hobby horse, which I can also get... and a hammer. What the hell sort of games was this kid playing, and moreover, what the hell is wrong with his parents for giving the kid a freaking hammer to play with?

Seriously, what the fuck?

Bad parents or not, I speak with them and I have the feeling that the plot has been set, and I'm going to need to look for something. Like a competent priest, who couldn't just cure disease, or bring the boy back from the dead. I'll start scouring the area to see what I come across.

Hey, that's not a castle, cave or tower! The Board of Official Dragon Quest Dungeons will hear of this!
This looks pretty important, if I'm any judge of things that are important... Which, looking back on it, I don't think I am. That doesn't matter though, since it's the first thing I've found in the area, and I'm stubborn. In we go!

Seriously, isn't climbing mountains more a Final Fantasy thing?
It looks like we get to go on a rock climbing adventure, which in reality is my worst nightmare, but in the game simply makes me wonder when I last saved... Not recently enough. We'll start with the cave, though, and hope that this isn't nearly as hard as it looks.

That's not encouraging.
This isn't nearly as comforting as I hoped that it would be. The priest also won't let me save here, so dicks to him, and we'll head out to Death Mountain for a climb. Since I don't know which path to take, we'll start with the left and work our way right.

The monsters here are a bit strong, I'm finding out. They attack in groups, all have group attacks, and they hit for a good amount of damage. I also can't run from them, so... crap. Thankfully I come out of it alive, and find a random cave in the side of the mountain.

THAT's going to be fun to try and get into.
I think that I'm supposed to fall into it from somewhere, since I've noticed I can move around a bit too much of the path, and will likely fall to my death if I'm not careful. Nifty. Time to heal up, and see if I can drop without dying.

Treasure! 100 Points! /Gauntlet
We did it, and we found what I think is the McGuffin. So let's grab this, read the thing on the wall that makes no sense, then head back to town to see if this is what we're looking for.

No, no it is not. So I guess I need to pick another path, and this is just some sort of random loot. That being the case, and how badly we were being beaten by monsters, I think I'm going to have to call it for the Friday update. I'll find a random new job class, power level at least five levels on each character, and then be back for the Monday update fresh as a daisy. I hope this was enjoyable for you, and thank you for reading.

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