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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 28 (Sweet Christ on a cracker, those need to die!)

And we're back. Once again we're faced with the problem of where to go, and to be honest I wrote up a lot of things that seem to be totally boring, uneventful dead ends. Here however is where it looks like I'm supposed to be, so we're going to go with it rather than boring you. Also, I don't know when I last saved, so.. Here goes nothing.

For the last time kids, you do NOT have the Invisible Man cornered.
These kids stopped me dead in my steps as I entered this town, though I thought I had been here before. I'm betting that I find someone in town around here, then go to look for a cave.

Either that or it's another McChurch that's sprung up.
Yeah, I'm sure I've been here before, now. But this is a whole new event, so I guess the magical floating bed is the trigger. Yay magical floaty bed! I speak with the child, and then the priest, and I guess I've been set on the right path since there was a lot of dialog. Time to go around and see if there's something like a cave, tower or castle that we can enter.

Oh, and wells. Though those are pretty Dragon Quest VI-specific.
Well. I guess I should add wells to the list, since they seem to crop up all over the place. I guess this'll take us down... up... To the other world, place. From there I'm not too sure what to do, but we'll find out...

I guess if you lived in a well with no water, you would need to dig a new well...
A house... I've got to be honest, I wasn't expecting that. There's also a well inside of the well, which would make this Wellception, I think. The old guy in the house talks to me about something, and aside from a Tiny Medal in a drawer, there's nothing worth mentioning. Time to head to the well, to see if we're on the right track.

I guess the track to a well monster-induced track is the right track. I'm not good with these things.
My guess is yes... Which is bad, because if we've learned anything, my guesses are wrong about eighty percent of the time. I'm pretty sure I've fought those things before, though...

If I have, they're no stronger than the last time, and just straight melee and buffs take it out fast enough that I don't even have much healing to do. I probably should have saved and gone to the inn at the last town, and I could head back, but after the cave incident with the little bastard we had to escort, I'm worried about reappearing bosses. Not that he's hard to kill, I'm just worried I might have to go and track down the brat again.

We find our group back on the world map again, and start heading to the south east, since it's WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!

They're called Bao, which I assume is the horrifying noise they make.
I seriously don't know, but it looks like someone combined a rat and a hippo, and then ran away screaming mid-breeding process without waiting to see what bastard child of science they created. I'm going to kill as many of these things as I can, in the hopes that I lower the population even a little.

I manage to dispatch them, and find to my happy surprise that there's a castle right to the north of where I am. Here's hoping there's a priest!

Oh yeah, the city-in-a-castle. Another Dragon Quest favorite!
Or a weapon and armor shop... You know, that worries me a bit, but let's take a look around for a moment.

I do a bit of wandering, and I'm actually caught off guard for a moment when a series of symbols come up that I think I know!

That's 'kagami,' which is 'Mirror.' -Ed.
I do! Those are the symbols for... Something! I got that something earlier in the game, and it's been no use to me at all since then! Yay, I recognized a series of Katakana! I STILL don't know what it means, though. I put it in my inventory, and feel all shiny now.

From there I head to the throne room and speak with the local fat man in red, which makes him ask me a question, then go back to wandering aimlessly. I swear, no one knows what chairs are for in this world except the elderly, who are some of the few people I ever see sitting, that aren't shop keepers.

There was a guard blocking off part of the castle, let's go see if he's moved.

No, but after speaking with him he stepped aside, and let us have access to the basement. This is good, as in the cellar there is a significant door!

Provided by Significant Doors Inc: You'll know when it's Significant.
Look at it's slightly different design, being all sexy and stuff... Anyway, when we walk up to the door we hear what is either someone talking behind the door, or the hero talks about the door, and how much he likes it compared to the other doors in the castle.

Then, a blue-shirted Sabin pops out to say hello.

King... Forn? Is that porn starring forks? Or furniture?
And then a guard steps in front of the door, because he's a douche rocket. Lovely, I guess we have to go and... something, something. We'll find out soon enough!

All hail the inexplicably-named King Forn!
Ah, Blue Sabin was the king. Ok. But this is seriously where I'm going to have to call it, because if we get in one really impressive boss battle, it's going to wipe the entire group. Time to warp to a town where we can find and inn and save, and we'll be back with more tomorrow!

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