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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ogre Battle Day 13: Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden

So, I'm not sure if Taturo is a Werewolf now or not. He took a hit from Sirius, but I fear the Rune Axe may have protected him. Dammit! Oh well, it's still possible to recruit neutral werewolves if I really want one. So, onward and upward.

Our next stop is here: Deneb's Garden, the home of an infamous and beautiful Witch.

It's not a big map. Most of the terrain's mountainous, so this is a good time to break out Warren. The shop town's the one all the way over on the left, near the only Temple on the map. I don't remember the flow of this one at all, so I'm going to go liberate some towns and see what kinds of enemies we get thrown at us and what general direction they'll try to strike from.

Straight out, Warren's attacked by a neutral character. A Faerie, as it happens. They're next door to useless now, with no attacks to speak of, but can ultimately become Sylphs with a Holy-element group attack. So we recruit her!

All the towns we liberate are talking about Deneb. As I recall, the general consenus is she's 1) hot 2) not to be trusted and 3) men have been disappearing and not returning much as women were in Lake Jansenia. Except with less icky implications. Or maybe the same icky implications which people never seem to mind as much when they apply to dudes. Either way, there's Bad Trouble In Deneb's Garden, and since the Freelance Police are busy it's up to FLAIL and his army to set things right.

Night's fallen with no attacks. I decide to push my luck and send Warren here, where there's hidden treasure, within a stone's throw of Deneb's castle. This is undoubtedly a great idea!

Hey, there we go. He's level 7, which means practically everyone except Grimm can kick his ass with impunity. Time to bring Lanselot back out! ...but they walk right around the town he's occupying towards FLAIL. Of course!

That, my friends, is not a Gryphon but a Cockatrice. It turns people to stone.

Kinda like that. FLAIL loses and is knocked off the base. And out comes Grimm to save the day with FIRE. They win without any enemy casualties thanks to the Strong tactic, which means no ALI loss. Nice. But FLAIL doesn't get back to base in time because of the moat, so this time Grimm has to take them out. Can't lose the base, buddy. More ALI loss, which will be a problem later. But not now.

We're spread thin, and everybody's headed straight up towards home base. Time to get some people in position to end this.

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