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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ogre Battle Tactics Special: The Other Kind of Class Change

There's a few ways class change happens in Ogre Battle. The most common is through a set of requirements- a combination of level, Alignment, Charisma and other stats. That's the one you have to watch your characters like hawks to achieve. For example, Grimm's ultimate destiny is to become a Mage, who will get one group attack spell instead of a pair of single-target attacks. But to do that, he's got to hit Level 10, have a Charisma above 60, and an Alignment of 10 to 35. So far we've got 1/3. Not great.

But once he hits Mage, there's some other things we can do. If we can find an Undead Staff, a Mage- with any levels and any stats -can become a Sorceror. They get two group magic attacks per combat. And then there's the Undead Ring, which will turn a Sorceror into a Lich, the most destructive magic-user in the game with three group attacks.

There's other class-change items hidden throughout the game as well that allow you access to otherwise unreachable classes. The best of all is the Dream Crown, which turns any Amazon into the Princess class. Princesses get three group-hitting Holy-element attacks per combat, and every other character in a Princess' unit gets a bonus attack when she's unit leader. It's indispensible, if difficult to get.

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