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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ogre Battle 20: Promotions, Recruitments, Cephalopods

Aisha is a Priest, the next step up from Cleric. She gets three healing spells per fight instead of two. She has a pair of Mermaids, who I've moved to the back row so they get a targeted Blizzard attack each, and Knights. She's also an expensive unit at 7200 Goth to deploy. But we're going to give it a shot. Aisha goes up one path, Landis the other. Maybe we can get their attention and give Warren and Canopus a break. And I've still got some more deployment slots, so I can call some backup in a hurry if I have to.

Landis loses a couple of fights against a Knight/Ninja unit, but his fighters level up and become Samurai. So it's a win for us even if it's not.

Ravens and Faeries. If the Faeries grow up, they'll get a pretty vicious group-hitting Holy attack. Right now? They cure status conditions, doing no damage. Easy picking. ...except those Ravens are TOTAL BASTARDS and wreck my front-row Samurai. They survive- barely -but lose. So Paula comes out to help. Landis wins round two by killing the boss Raven, but from the damage I think the Faeries might raise defense too. Hard to say. But finally, Landis takes the damned town. And now it's Aisha's turn to fight! She doesn't win against the Valk/Gryphon unit, but she does respectably. A couple more rounds and we'll have them, most likely. And just as planned, Canopus wipes the floor with the ghosts. And Aisha does get the town on the second round, so we're doing well.

Hello, what's this? It is a mermaid with a pair of Octopuses, that's what it is. I'm sure FLAIL will get to contend with them in a bit.

Canopus recruits an Octopus! Nice. Then Kamui finds another Rune Axe, which goes to Canopus' Gryphon. If my memory serves me (50/50 shot), the Gryphon's back row wind attack still counts as a physical attack, which means the Holy element of the Axe carries over, making the Gryphon the best Ghostbuster outside of a Cleric.

Everybody's picking on Warren today. Which is cool- he's one level away from becoming a Mage. And then we NEVER have to worry about his alignment again. Instead, we just need the items to make him a Necromancer. And then a Lich.

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