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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ogre Battle 22: Tis Only a Flesh Wound

...well, this is a mess. Canopus is trying to draw off enemy traffic while Aisha and Gilbert get into position, but he's largely being ignored. So we ALL swarm towards Gares. May as well make this as chaotic as possible!
In the fighting, we pick up the Full Moon Stone that will make a werewolf into a weretiger. Shame we don't have a werewolf yet.

Canopus is the first one to Gares. Nasty looking sumbitch, isn't he?

He has a nasty looking attack, too: it's called Evil Dead. Groovy. Canopus loses a Vultan and gets bounced into a leaderless unit. He wipes them out. That Gryphon is probably Evil Incarnate by now.

Aisha's next, and she has her fated encounter with Gares. Now to play some cards.

For the record, it took: Empress (Max HP- Evil Dead damn near wiped us out) Hanged Man(Lowers enemy DEF) Star (Raises our AGI) Justice (Ice Damage to all enemies) and Emperor. The Mermaid's bonus Blizzard attack did him in.

And after a speech, Gares DIES. Satisfying! And this stage is happy end.

Next: Forked again!

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