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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ogre Battle Extra! Zenobia Revisited (Part 1)

We'll get back to the main game soon enough, but I realized something last night: I haven't been revisiting these maps and picking up stuff I missed! So here's a couple things worth going back for:

Here in the Pogrom Forest, I meet a creepy man named Poltrano. He asks me a question, I say yes, he gives me Quicksilver. I think that's really important, but for the life of me I can't remember why.

Back in Deneb's Garden, Deneb the Witch is not content with merely not being executed. She asks me to run an errand for her too- retrieving a Golden Bough from the map after next. In exchange I get a Black Pearl that's worth a lot of money, so what the hell.

Lastly, in the Slums of Zenobia, I head for this hidden town I didn't have time to liberate during the chaotic final phase of the stage.

Now this I do remember: this woman was the nanny to Prince Tristan, heir to the late King Gran Zenobia. He's out there somewhere, looking to fight the Empire same as we are. She asks me if I intend to set myself up as king when the revolution is complete. Correct answer is NO. In exchange for this bit of modesty, I'm rewarded with the Key of Destiny. (Or in Japanese, "Key of Glory," apparently.") This, too, will be important later.

And Monday we'll get back on the road. Have a good weekend, everybody!

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