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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 19: Island Avalon

Today we go to the island of Avalon!

Not a big area. And the best part?

The shop town is right here, next to my base!
So we deploy slowly at first to get a feel for the traffic patterns. There's a big mountain range in the middle of everything, and a hidden temple I'm going to send Warren after.

Beautiful Four Volcanoes Temple! Bet there's a hell of a hot spring around here. There's one unusual item at the shop- a Black Pearl that costs 82,000 Goth. I think I can get one elsewhere for free, though.

Warren espies the enemy! A Level 10 Valk with Level 8 Gryphons. We'll see how that goes, ultimately. We can send Canopus as backup if need be. But so far they're ignoring him, heading the long way round to attack the people holding the temple nearest our base.

Instead Warren runs afoul of a couple nasty units that could give him a lot of trouble: this is a Mage with ghosts, which means Warren can't damage the ghosts. The priest has Angels, which will kick his low-aligned ass. I may have to pull him back and send Canopus, who has holy weapons and high alignment.

Warren, in the first round, by decapitating strike! Let's heal him up and see how he does with Angels.

Victory by virtue of greater damage, somehow. And it's still daytime, so I think once he reaches the temple and can camp to recover HP, we'll be fine.

And we're there! This is Aisha. This stage's governor/boss, the Black Knight Gares, killed her parents. She's a priest, but she wants to go kick his ass. Tricky, but let's see if we can help her get her vengeance.

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