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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ogre Battle 21: Goetic? Really?

Going by the colored flashes I can tell I was wrong about the Gryphon's group-attack. But the damage went up, and Canopus fends off a Raven/Faerie unit with ease. And then, the mermaids attack FLAIL. He wins, but not as decisively as I'd like. I'll have to watch that- if our base is taken we have to do the stage over, so we'll need to make sure FLAIL survives. I have nobody else to pull because I deployed Gilbert to take an island town. But there is a return item, so I buy one so I can pull a quick swap if FLAIL loses.

But I got careless and Canopus dies fighting the Ravens. We wipe them out, but I have to dump a Revive on his unit real quick so they don't abandon town and return to base. A bunch of stuff goes down: FLAIL wins another fight, Warren levels up but needs to drop 4 more points of ALI to become a Mage, Canopus continues to take a horrible beating but soldiers on.

The third time's the charm, and by "charm" I mean "total annihilation of our enemies." Won't have to worry about fish-women and cephalopods any time soon. Canopus is doing enough fighting I fear for his alignment, so I move Aisha up towards Gares' castle. It's almost payday, so we're doing well. I also remember to promote Canopus' sidekicks to Vultan before their Alignment can drop.

Payday! Once Aisha is close enough to Gares to strike, we'll begin our assault. How we're going to do this is send a series of units after him- probably Canopus, Kamui and Aisha. If I do it right, Aisha should get the deathblow and we should be able to keep constant pressure on him, preventing him from healing too much between rounds.

Warren kills a Priest and becomes a Mage, or "Goetic." ("Gothic," maybe?) EDIT: No! Goetic is a Greek-derived word for things pertaining to magic or sorcery! It's amazing how literate some Japanese games are, using references that I don't think would ever occur to a lot of native speakers of English. Warren now gets a single group attack spell, which is both good and bad- he won't be as good at doing focused damage to unit leaders, but his maximum damage yield will go up considerably. If I can get him up to Necromancer it'll be the best of both worlds...

Kamui, as a scout, hasn't done much fighting. He loses the town he captured near Gares and my Reputation takes a hit. We've got to end this.

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