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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ogre Battle 25: Seen the Sea, Sought the Sword. Time to go Home.

Not my best payday- my army's getting expensive -but better than nothing. Now to attend to the boss, who is whatever the second tier of Mermaid is. I assign Warren and Lanselot to that task, with the possibility of calling in Canopus if shit gets real.

Good news, everyone! They're so determined to give Shaft the shaft that they've left the boss almost completely unguarded!

And here's Porkyus, the leader of the stage. She says something about King Gran and Empress Endora, and it's ON.

Her specialty is Ice Storm, a nasty little magic attack that hits the group for 50 damage or so each. I should've played The World first. I'll know next time. If you play Strength and Hanged Man too, there's not a lot they can do to you- since this is going to take concentrated effort on Warren and Lans' parts, it's good I have multiples.

The Hermit, being Lightning-based, works pretty well on fish-chicks. Warren and his Hellhounds come within a hair's breadth of pulling it off...

But it's ultimately one of Lanselot's Wizards that does the job.

And we're done! And even MORE paths open to us...

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