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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ogre Battle 37: Thrust and Rushdie?

So we've now captured every town and temple on the map.

And it's payday.

So we go to fight Slust. I send Warren, because Warren kills everything and it doesn't matter who you send. I call up Shaft to defend the shop town, and we're off!

And while we have a few minor border disputes, Warren does indeed kill everything in his way. And then he reaches Slust.

Interesting! The name of Sage Rashidi, one of the primary villains of the game, is spelled in such a way I'm pretty sure they meant "Rushdie." But that's all I get out of this.

Some Dragons, huh? They're Bahamuts, nasty things. I drop some cardage on this to try and make Warren's life easier. Namely. Magician and Tower. Warren comes within a sliver of killing him but it's not enough, so I use the Chariot, and the kill goes to FLAIL.

Turns out Rushdie/Rashidi/Lash-D/Whatever used a charm spell on him. Now he's over that. And he says in English-flecked dialogue that he wants to join us, provided we have fewer than 100 people. And we do! So he's in.

And we're done.

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