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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ogre Battle 39: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to...

So there Hanna was, on her way to a distant town, and she's accosted by Knights and their pet Gryphon. And she beat `em! Which is why I still have her unit and I sent Ellis' packing before the stage. Forgot to mention that, but they're just too far behind the curve anymore. Apologies, guys. I'll write you a letter of recommendation for whatever employment agency Level 6 Valkyries use.

Paula is holding her own pretty well as well. I have to set her tactics from "Leader" to "Best," but she's a low enough level she can stand it. (How low level? It's still an Alignment boost to kill ANGELS.) She pulled the Amazons, which is probably helping her chances. Warren's in play and I've got a dozen pair of Seven League Boots, so there's not a lot of danger. Lans wipes out that Knight/Gryphon unit and levels up- I really need his Wizards to drop some alignment so they can class change to Mages. But I need his high so he and his Knight buddy become Paladins. Tricky.

We're doing reasonably well at this point, controlling all but two towns on the map... right up to where Violet is beaten and punted off the edge of the world. Pity, that - she was doing pretty well. But Hanna should be able to capitalize on the damage Violet did to this unit and win.

Talk about sheer idiot luck! Hanna loses, but is thrown back to right on the edge of one island over, up a level for everyone save the dead Valk. We boot her back to town, rez her Valkyrie, and it's back to business as usual for the moment.

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