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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Castle Crashers

Yessir, that is definitely some type of sky castle. Zombies and skeletons everywhere, which doesn't surprise me much. But we're not here to fight them, so we just sip around them and collect the treasure they're guarding- 230K in Crowns -and get up to the next floor. The path we start on is pretty empty but I can see dogs in my future.

Oh, and narrow ledges with inescapable battles. There's literally no getting around it.
Inside it's basically more of the same, with levels tailored to have me doing as much fighting as is possible. But along the way Liza learns a new bow tech as I've been hoping she would. Izuna does 700-something to a target and seems like it should hit anything behind the target too- I'll test that soon.

Aha, a switch! It clicks whenever we walk on it, so I'm sure to walk on it an odd number of times in case it's something binary. Our next stop is a hallway lined with dragons and faeries, which is a nuisance but not too dangerous.

...oh dear.

It is a Water Dragon. It has some nasty tricks: water breath, a "Freeze Barrier" that causes ice damage to whoever hits it next, and a few other bites and scratches. It takes about 3-4 rounds of dedicated pummeling to fell the beast. So we move right along and...

A Vorpal Sword! Specifically a Greatsword, one ten points stronger than the one Shusaku's rocking right now. Soon, it shall go snickersnack on Wagnas' damn FACE.

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