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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Cracking the Volcano Case

I talk to the guy in the other house, and the town is suddenly empty. Since the last thing he said to me was "Hai!" I suspect I told them to get to safety while I take care of this. I'm thinking I maybe went back to Zemio and the volcano too soon yesterday...

Indeed! Recruitable Lizard Guy asks me a question, and the ever-popular first answer nets me the Komuruun Hammer. Hope I don't have to equip it- I don't think anybody has any decent mace-fu. But maybe I can use it to smite the dogs guarding the mouth of the volcano, so we'll see what happens this time.

On the way back up the volcano, Tirpitz loses 3 of his meager 8 remaining LP in a single fight- ARGH -but Hase learns a devastating new strike whose name seems to include the kanji for "thousand" and "hand." First, a gold statue- maybe the Buddha? -appears:

Then he circles the enemy at high speed, punching all the way.

Net result: 2000+ damage for 12 Tech Points. Not too shabby! Lego learns something as well, but it's nowhere near as impressive, sadly. A little further in Tirpitz learns the axe technique "(Kanji and lots of it) Special," not quite as good as his best, but a point cheaper. So now I just need Liza and Shusaku to start learning stuff and everybody will have new tricks.

Success! Now I can fight the dogs- Hellhounds, all -and the rock they're guarding. The Hellhounds regenerate to keep you from targeting the rock directly. We also take 100-some damage at the end of each round. And when we finally BEAT the rock, lava washes over us for 150-something each. Oh well, I shouldn't expect a volcano to play fair.

Success! Lava flows once again. Tomorrow we'll head back down the mountain and see what good this does.

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