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Friday, May 27, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: We're Going to Need Another Timmy

Well, we must've done something good- the volcano is now free of monsters. Good thing- we need to snooze and get our tech points back. Zemio's inaccessible again, but Tsukijima is once again populated. But nothing else obvious happens, so I guess it's time to visit the wizard's tower again

I finally figured out the trick: passing between the two statues in the hallway changes where you are. Pass through it once and you get the wizard's room, which is still empty, and a second time gets you to this hallway, which leads up to a second level with some treasure including an even stronger mace. And yes: two generations after I first fought him, many levels of weapon proficiency and HP later, Cobra Commander is STILL a dick. After a couple rooms' worth of those, I realize I'm in one of those infinite staircase puzzles. Sure enough, I only have to go back down one level and it's back to the ground floor.

And doubly sure enough, poking around the bottom wall of the infinite room leads me to the real exit.

Here's Mr. Wizard! We have a long conversation...

...and then a fight. It's the only fight I've ever had I can't run from. Man, I wish I'd saved on the way up here. Oh well, time to go all-out on the sumbitch. He hits hard, but it only takes a round and a half to take him out, and we get persisting victory music and, better still, all the monsters are gone.

Talking to anybody else I can reach in either town doesn't seem to do anything, so I guess I've done as much as I can. This means our next stop is Mount Chikapa, and hopefully: Wagnas!

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