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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Death to Dantarg!

That is definitely a cave, guys.

A cave full of waterfalls. Nifty!
There's a variety of ways up and down, far as I can tell, and I'm sure I'll need to see them all to progress. We find a lance named, creatively enough, Lancer, but it's not as strong as Grace's spear. There's also a lot of octopi, but since I have some bad, bad memories of Fritz getting the business end of a tentacle or eight, we dodge them. The fish, however, are just as endearingly vulnerable to Jubei's instakill as they were up on Lake Wyringa. Next level down, an new Tourmaline Axe for Gama, 9 points stronger than his Viking Axe which has served us so well. (I wonder... I know enemy levels are scaled to your current power... are treasure chests as well?)

And we find... a Flute! If I don't find anything else along the way I'll take it back up Mount Chikapa in not-Japan and see if playing it there does any better than the music we played before.

Holy SHIT. I bet this is gonna be a bloodbath, and not at all in my favor. But... we're gonna try!

He talks to me, and apparently his name is Dantarg. He gets special music. I think I need to save, or possibly an adult. Did I mention one of the great things about Romancing Saga 2 is that you can even run from boss fights?

So we save and then engage. Dantarg regenerates about 1000 HP a round, just like our narwhal friend. He also has an attack that does 700-some damage blocked, several group attacks, and can block attacks with his shield. We fight valiantly, but...

...I think you know how this comes out.

OR DO YOU? On our fourth try, we prevail. Grace and Gama sacrifice their lives for the victory, but we pull it off. And that's the end of that cave, but oddly not the generation. Oh well, surely this will mean great things in the long run. I mean... special music! It counts for something, right?


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