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Friday, May 13, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Making a Molehill out of an Anthill

As I'm wandering trying to find more instruments, a Cobra Commander drops another copy of Jubei's robe. I'm gonna try it on Ferdinand and see if it makes him anywhere near as hard to kill. If so, I may stock up on LP potion- CCs are STILL dicks after all this time -and try to farm the things.

I lose and replenish a few LP as I go; I'm leaving Bruiser and Ferdinand at 3 LP each right now because I am good and sick of running back and forth to the old woman's cave. To the best of my ability to determine, the robe does provide a certain amount of defense against status conditions, but the evade rate is pure Jubei. If I get the chance to make one of his offspring my next King, I'm jumping at it.

I went back to the traveling village where the kid plays me a drumbeat- it's got to be part of this puzzle. He mentions the Savannah, so I check the town by that name as well as the surrounding area. I even decide to check out the anthill remains...

...and run into these guys. One mentions something about Salamander, and this one mentions the Aqua area as well as Nereids. Mayhap we have triggered an event, here? There's more of them in another room and they mention Mount Chikapa. I've GOT to be onto something.

I get to the bottom floor and there's... town music!?


SCORE! I just found a Conga! Guess we'll scale Mount Chikapa again soon and see if it'll let us get at Wagnas!

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