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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Mu-sic to my Ears

I went back to Saigo to rest up, and the guy there minding the garden sells me something at 1000 Crowns a pop. His sales pitch is pretty long, and seems to mention Toba. So that's my next stop, and I figure it's a good time to be trying that X in the middle of the ocean too, since it's off the coast of Toba. Nothing happens there, though, so I go back to Saigo...

...and finally notice the new cave off to the side. It seems to mention young Mus.

Yup, dungeon. I wonder if all these undead ate the Mu calves or what? There's a hole to the left, we drop down and fight some slimes, but all it does is lead back outside. On further inspection there seem to be a lot of those- I bet I have to guess the right one...

I hear the cries of the Mu calves before I drop down one, and sure enough it leads to a new area, full of ghosts. On the way, Ferdinand lost one of his last two LP. I may be choosing a new ruler soon enough... But that sound turns out to be the gimmick of the stage: you hear the Mus bleating when you're on the right track. Though on the third floor down this doesn't seem to be the case, as of the four doors none of them give a sound.

Aha! There's a secret passage to the south that you can only locate by the cry of the Mu! The next floor down is dogs and dragons, mainly. Nothing too dangerous, just a few light twists and turns.


The kid says something to me, then vanishes. I guess he escaped? Meanwhile, there's one more door, but all it leads to is treasure chests with a weird shirt and 200,000 Crowns, and an exit.

Back an the Mu ranch, Rancher Guy says the thing about "ailing" again, and mentions Nazerle. Guess I'll check that out one more time...

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