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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 36 (In which the Spice must flow)

And we're back for the big Friday update, which might turn into the Friday Video update, if we get a consensus on the matter. It stands at one vote for yes, so I guess that could be a consensus. Remember to vote yea or nay, depending on your opinion.

So, we were going to go to the new town to see what we can find, and then do our best to figure out where to go from there.

This might be one of the other seven hundred places excitable amateur archaeologists have mistaken for Atlantis.
Not at all what I pictured Atlantis looking like, but I guess you have to take what you're given.

This place certainly does seem festive, if nothing else. There are pretty sparkling colors in the air, so there are either some really wacky fire flies around here, or it's something to do with magic.

Yup, magic.
Magical Fireflies, maybe? Well the important thing is that right now, we're in a new town with many brave new paths to take... And I plan to take the path right to the weapon/armor shop.

...huh. You don't see that every day. Well the hero does, since we know he has a mirror.
Uh... Ok, just call me wacky, but this might be important to the plot, or something. I know it's a long shot, but when I watch myself walk up a wall and into a door, I sometimes think that it might be a good idea stop find out what I'm doing... But that'll happen in a bit. ARMOR!

Magician's Robe, Magical Skirt, Magic Armor, Magic Shield.
Holy shit, this stuff is expensive! The sucky part about this, is that it's not much better than what I have, and in a lot of cases it's much, much worse. I guess that I'll buy what is better, and ignore the rest...


...well, the last one is 'Zombie Killer'...
Possibly! I don't know, but sweet tap-dancing Christ this stuff costs a fortune! Worth it, though, because the numbers go up, and we like big numbers.

Speaking of big numbers, I actually didn't notice how much cash we had from power leveling, and selling off monster loot. Damn, I'm going to buy everything that looks even slightly worth while, and then try to find a priest to save.

Fucking Bene Gesserits, man.
Or the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohaim... I guess I'll put up with her, but if I see a Gom Jabbar, I'm shanking a bitch.

So with that out of the way, I guess I'll look around the town and see if I can find anything plot-related, before I try to follow myself around. I talk to a few people, but it's only once I speak to this guy right here that I notice something important.

Well, Barbara/Ashlynn, but yeah.
This guy is mentioning Casper... Did I find some sort of plot point, because I have her in the party? Is this where she's from? Probably not, since it was sealed under the water... Maybe she's from the other world version of this place? That sounds likely.

Anyway, we move on and find two children running around a camp fire in what may or may not be an important manner.

Teaching small children fire spells could never go wrong!
Um, I'm pretty sure that little boy just punched the little girl in the face, then threw a ball of fire at the campfire again... At least they're portraying little boys in the right way. They're little assholes, and also pyromaniacs.

Anyway, there's no direct route that I can find into the house with the door in the air, but there is this:

Significant Staircase(TM), a subsidiary of Significant Doorways, LLC.
This looks like it might be some sort of back way in, so we head in to take a look around.

Well, I don't find myself, but there's an old guy with a lot of cats... That counts for something. He asked me something, and I say yes, And then he turns into me.

I wonder if we should hold up the Mirror of Ra? Or possibly smack him over the head with it?
It seems like he has some sort of spell that makes him look like me. I guess that's neat? I wonder if he's part bastard mirror monster, or if he's just a dick. I wish I could gut him to find out if glass shards drop out.

Wandering around the town a bit more, I find a few sets of stairs which I hadn't noticed, in the main building with the shops and cleric. I follow them and it leads me to a small house, on a little floating raft. Inside I find... a shiny floor?

I was expecting more pain tiles, so that's not too bad.
I don't know how well you can make that out, but that is a shiny damn floor. If I walk over it and through the door, I reappear at the start of the room... Alright, how do I cancel the shiny?

Alright, let's look at this logically. I killed the fish man to get here, so I probably found something in the fish king's palace that helped us get here... Now what in the name of a ham sandwich would that be? I REALLY wish I hadn't thrown everything I didn't need right away into my inventory... This could take a while.

Alright, I found the right thing! I just spread everything I had one of onto the characters with free inventory space, in this case Casper and Elf, and used them until I found something that did something! I'm pretty sure I used a few twice, too, since I still haven't absorbed enough Katakana to understand it, yet. My hopes is that I'll learn Japanese via Osmosis.

But in any event:

It's hard to screencap flashy stuff.
no more sparkly floor! Hooray!

And we enter triumphantly to find!...

Welcome to Atlantis' Strategic Old Person Reserve!
An old lady! Just... what we wanted? I guess? In any event, she seems very happy to see Casper, which is a good thing, and she talks to us for a short while about her bunions, or about what she had for dinner every night since Casper's alter ego was last here.

I think she just taught us something. It wasn't the item get sound, but it was definitely a something music that was playing. Maybe it's some sort of useful ability to find McGuffins? That would be sweet!

And then, she was struck by lightning.

F5 being screencap, of course.
See? I am glad I expected something to happen there, and had my finger hovering over F5.

The villagers all run in and crowd around the corpse, then we walk slowly and carefully outside, around them. That's right, we were never here, and you ain't gonna tell no one, are ya? That's right...

And... there's nothing left to do in town. At all... well shit, I don't know what to do or where to go from here, and had kind of been hoping for some sort of clue... gods damn it, I guess I'll head back to the other world and wander around for a bit, until I figure something out, or find something interesting...

This looks interesting.

I think this might be where I take Tiny Medals, but that's just a guess from the floor. Time to figure out where the king is!... We take them to the king, right? I remember the king has something to do with medals, but I don't really remember.

Ok, we take them to this guy, I'm sure of it now.

Hmm, looks like we've managed to find 28 tiny medals, I guess that's pretty good, but I'm sure we've missed a few, since I've forgotten to look for them for a while now.

Somewhere in the 20s there's usually...
I managed to get two things out of it, which isn't too bad I guess. The first item looks like it's a mage weapon, but it's ages out of date, and doesn't do me a lot of good. The second item however looks like some sort of really good weapon, or something, and is a nice addition for George.

...a really nice sword!
So he's going to get that... Now, I think I might run around for a moment and try to find one or two more medals. This could take a while, so we'll only show you where I found them, in case you missed them in your trip.

...wait, he got the Ultimate Key? When!? -Ed.
There's one in here, which is the first castle you ever reach. This is the one that started all of this BS in the first place, but once you have the key that opens cell doors, you can get in here and grab one. We'll go for one more, and see if we get anything else for bringing them in.

There's also one here:

It's not an RPG without grave robbing.
Which I actually found by accident while checking the dungeon for chests I had missed. That's luck, and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

With two new medals in hand, we return to the king to get our... whatever it is, as a reward.

I see some kind of 'pantsu' in there. This concerns me, especially in George/Hassan/Carver's inventory.
Well whatever it is, it sucks. Gods damn it that's a pain in the ass for something so shitty.

I guess I'll call it here, since I don't for the life of me know where I go next. I should have it figured out by Monday, with luck, so keep reading, and we'll see what we find next week!

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