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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ogre Battle 31: Rauny Days

Incoming! Ravens and Cockatrices. Nothing that's gonna faze Kamui and Gilbert. I hope. I've got 7 League Boots if I need to step up security, though.

FLAIL meets with Rauny, a Muse of the Highlands (described as a Paladin in the US version, so I assume they mean she's a Holy Knight or somesuch). She wants to help bring peace and justice and crap like that back to the land, and apparently my reputation and stats are good enough to satisfy her that I'm not a big evil jerk or anything.

Being a Muse (Or "Freija," in the Japanese) she gets two shots of the group attack Thunder Flare. She's curiously paired with Hellhounds, but I'm going to have her recruit something better once I deploy her. She should be able to get some decent backup.

And once again Kamui succeeds where Gilbert fails! The cockatrices are what did him in- they petrified two members of the unit but whiffed on Kamui's Gryphons both times. Lucky!

And Rauny is now attended by Valkyries. Expensive, expensive Valkyries. Hope you're worth it...

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