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Friday, April 29, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Summon Bigger Fish

Welcome back to Grinding Time Station! Sadly I am neither George Carlin nor Ringo, but we'll all survive.

Since it's new techs we're grinding for, there's a simple method: most of the stuff in the lake can kill us in a prolonged fight, but it takes a lot of bad luck for anybody to drop in the first round. So we all do a round of our most basic attacks and then run away. Pummel, rinse, repeat.

Jubei learns a couple awesome new sword techniques, including one that seems to kill even large monsters if he simply lives through the round. I doubt it'll work on our Twilight Narwhal, but I'll sure as hell give it a shot. (Note: It doesn't. And now we reset!) Another interesting quality of the attack, it kills either everything on the screen or absolutely nothing. It lets us actually beat the fish on the lake a majority of the time, so we start raising proficiencies and HP as well!

So let me give you a rundown of what we've learned: Bruiser learned Machinegun Jab(the made-up martial arts staple of the really fast punch, 6 Tech Points, 1000+ Damage), Ferdinand and Gama learned a dodge for one of Jimmy the Narwhal Sparklepire's attacks (which is also used by the fish in the lake), and we all gained some ranks in our weapons of choice as well as some HP, and Ferdinand raised his Shininess Magic levels considerably.

And even then it's a narrow, narrow victory. We've got two people with 2 LP (one of which is Ferdinand), and one with a single point left. And I still can't do anything with the submerged narwhal, though when I exit the cave and re-enter it's no longer there. But it's not in Lake Wyringa either. And it had no effect on the stormy seas on the Toba/Mermaid trade route. Hmm.

Aha! The ship's captain in Morbelm will now take me up to the bridge if I wish. And it turns out it's called the Leon Bridge, after the first king of Avalon or at least the first we played.

And the bridge is whole again, and hopefully Narwhal-proofed. I guess we accomplished something!

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