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Friday, May 20, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Fire on the Mountain

The local Foxtrot Guy mentions a place called Komuruun Volcano. Or I assume it's a volcano since the kanji are "Fire Mountain." Some people seem to be mentioning Salamanders as well, so that seems like a safe bet.
And here's our new area: to the south some kind of tower and Tsukijima(You Are Here, Or At Least I Are), to the north a town called Zemio and the volcano. We'll check Zemio first on the off chance there's LP meds available nearby.

Ah, these must be the aforementioned Salamanders! Holding Dash doesn't get me the Obfuscation Sphere, and the music is peaceful, so I'll assume it's reasonably safe until it's proven otherwise. Don't you wish it worked that way in real life? The lizard says something about stone, and I notice there's no boat across the lava. So I guess it's the volcano or the tower. Since the game's trying to get me to go to the volcano, I'm headed for the tower. Good news is? I have a map screen, so even if I have to go back through the jungle to get back here, I can do the Avalon/Witch's Cave Shuffle and get our LP back up to Risky from its current level of Oh Shit.

The tower is overgrown with moss, but we're getting danger music and such, so we'll have to be careful.

Uh... hi there, creepy albino man surrounded by skulls! He asks me a question about the volcano, and I give (of course) the first answer. This results in his giving me the Ice Seed. Sounds like a useful thing to have on a volcano...

...and of course the volcano's full of dogs and faeries, like any good volcano should be. We mostly evade because of our low LP. But this place is packed. Getting back out alive will be tedious, but should be possible.

We get to the top and get a menu, and toss the seed in. This being the kind of game it is, I half-expect we've just doomed the Salamanders to extinction, but hey, it's not the first civilization I've doomed and I doubt it'll be the last.

Not sure on that one yet, but I can walk in, so let's find out!

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