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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: A New World of Gods and Monsters

The area's called either Eiruneb or Eirunep- I think it's a 'bu' at the end. That tower is about two screens tall, and covered in gargoyles. More red-haired people in this town. Guess we'll introduce ourselves to the locals, and the local gargoyles to our weapons. There's a lot of talk of a queen and possibly gods in here.

And that'd explain that- there's a temple to the north of town. Maybe I'm here to steal an idol or something!

They worship a statue of Shirtless Giant. Okaaaaay... I'm given a choice when I walk up to it, so I take the first one.

And we're fighting an Iron Giant. Well, that's probably not its real name, but it's big and metal and has boss music. So I'll assume Jubei's insta-kill won't do jack. Mahan loses 1 LP, but that's all the ill we really suffer.

Those paired statues are transporters. We walked between the pair behind the statue and wound up here. The next set takes us to a set of stairs leading down. As I figured, it's a good old-fashioned warp tile maze.

Eventually we're shown a vision of a small fort beyond a spot in the jungle I wasn't allowed to pass before. Maybe I can now? That's probably my next step, assuming I decide not to storm Gargoyle Tower. Whatever that was, it had to be the right answer, as going back through the last set of teleporters takes me back to where the statue was.

We rest up, and then I decide: I think I will clear out Gargoyle Tower. Tomorrow!

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