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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm on New Soundwave!

This is not the video we intended to bring you this week, but the new HDD for the computer That Guy has built for that purpose was DOA, and is currently winging its way back to Newegg. But fortunately we've got something else for you! This week I was on New Soundwave (the TF Radio Network's video games podcast) discussing, among other things, the Wii U's potential price and some of the awful, awful things you'll find in the alien spaceship level of Duke Nukem Forever. I'm the bearded one labeled "Rob Clay," as this happens to be my name. (Rob Clay, not The Bearded One.) Or if you're just looking at the preview pane there, I'm the swirl in the bottom right corner.

I had a lot of fun recording on New Soundwave with John, Peter and my best friend ExVee (he of Figurereviews.com and Superhero Time fame) and it looks like I may get to be a regular co-host!

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