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Friday, June 24, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Ant-y Matter

(Short post today, guys! Incredibly busy week, and the new and improved Flailthroughs computer had to have its HDD exchanged, so I just got back from doing that. Back to full steam Monday, with any luck!)
The second we're back in Avalon one of my minsters comes up to me and starts a lengthy conversation, which is backed by the "Big Emergency Event" Music, for back of a better term.

And then he turns into an ant and ATTACKS ME. We beat him handily, but the music stays, so I have to assume there are more closet ants around here. Has the Termite Queen's clan vowed revenge?

Yes, there are more ants. That would in fact be EVERYONE I've talked to so far. I can't keep killing every person I talk to- I'm not Fritz! So I try to get out. Even the named characters are ants, and there are ants wandering the halls. I've got to get to safety and figure out how to fix this.

Every part of Avalon is overrun...

Even my shiny new Barracks are full of ant-impostors. These things have to be coming from below- time to break into the magic school and get into the secret tunnels. We must be on the right track- it's filled with ants down here too...

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