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Monday, June 20, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Here There Be Dragons

Pretty sure the name means "Fire Dragon." Nice and to the point. Like the Sheng Longs (Shengs Long? What is the proper dragon grammar here?) it has a substantial regen, but it still only takes two rounds to finish it, and only Renya drops. Beyond it is a suit of Dragon Armor that has 35 defense. If Fritz weren't stuck wearing Elven Skin he could wear it. Stupid elves, cursing the people who skin them and make them into coats!

And that's all we seem to be able to do here. I've seen every room I can reach, so it's time to go back into Deep Flail and see what else we can do, and where.

...except for this door I just found.
This was just the first level. Uh oh. I walk into the next level and there are a couple more huge dragons on pedestals, green this time...


Thunder Dragons, I think. I kill one and run around the other to a crack in the floor that I know from previous dungeons will open up one of the doors out of the room. I go through and it's one of those annoying infinite rooms. Not sure what the trick is to this one, but I'm dodging and escaping dragons at this point to keep hitting the stupid switch. One thing I do notice:

Those are the elephant statues from the fortuneteller's village. That can't be a coincidence. Anyway, I run through this room about six times, once or twice coming out the door on the OTHER side of the Green (Dragon) Room, which is so unhelpful I can't even describe it. Four doors to the right gets me somewhere new, FINALLY.

This looks promising, in that "I'm probably about to die" way. There are more green dragons inside, but I run around them...

and spot a Black Dragon named, in Japanese, "Black Dragon." ("KuroRyuu," probably? But those kanji, I know.) Good thing I saved outside, because it's significantly stronger than the others and actually wipes us out. In so doing I find the answer to something I was wondering about: when your final ruler dies, it just takes you right back to the title screen. I think we'd probably have done better if we weren't low on tech points, so we'll test that theory tomorrow.

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