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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Final Fantasy VI - Day 30 (In which Wham)

Alright, so we're checking out that island now... it sure is an island. Full of these:

Zone Eater! Sonic the Hedgehog should be scared.
Hooray giant horrible palette swap? I'm gonna kill one. Vanish/Death takes it out like most everything else. Wee... that was fun... but it seems to be the only monster here, so that's kinda boring... but then it starts eating people, which could be rather interesting. Well if memory serves, its stomach is a dungeon, so off we go!

But of course it doesn't eat Zones. It eats people who are then teleported into a Zone of some sort. But how do you make that into a name: Stomach Dimension? Wordy, and still confusing.
And Strago makes four. It um... it's certainly cave-like in here:

Either way, we are now in the Eater's, uh, Zone. That sounds so wrong.
I'm not sure if it makes SENSE that the inside of a worm's stomach is a underground, or if it blows my mind because this is some kind of weird, inside-out worm. Either way, the spice must flow, and we must collect treasure. The monsters seem to be undead in here or at least weak to Holy, which is just fine with me, and then there's this guy:

Quitcher shovin', shovey.
I dunno what he's up to, but I'm suspicious. There seems to be a number of them on a number of bridges. Can I talk to them? Short answer: no. Long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, which coincidentally, is the noise I make as the jerk punts me off the bridge. What an asshole. I find some treasure chests though, so it's not a COMPLETE waste. It doesn't take that long to get back where I was either, so I guess I'm not TOO upset about being shoved off a bridge, all things considered.

I bounce across, pick up treasure, fight some monsters, and then hit up a save point. With that done, I head into a room where the ceiling keeps falling, and I can't access the menu. Oh boy. A set of Sprint Shoes and some creative dodging, and I'm out unscathed WITH some treasure. Hooray! The next area is another jumping puzzle, but without the annoying pushy green guys. This room schtick seems to be using empty treasure chests as trampolines to get over some bridges. Oh joy... it's not rocket surgery though, and I get out of it super easy. In the next area is:

...is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it a pile of carpet samples that Shredder mutated to use against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Mysteries abound.
Well there's our carpet salesman/mimic. Time to wake him up... before we gogo. I mean, we wouldn't want to leave him hanging on like a yo-yo, so we'll wake him up before we gogo, and take him dancing tonight... because he wants to hit that hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Yeah, yeah.

I'm sorry, I had to do that. Upon talking to him, we get to name him. Oh boy!

But for our purposes, it is Ta Zero Ta Zero.

Gogo gets, what, two or three lines of dialogue in the whole game? But one of those, when you tell him the state of the world, is 'This should be fun.' How can you not love that?
He talks for a while, nods, freaks out, and then joins the party. Hooray! We can steal again. This is gonna be awesome! With the help of Flailthroughs and Co. I get Gogo kitted up and ready for his stealing destiny! Hi-ho theiving, AWAY!

Or not, since I just realized that it would be better to wait until I had Locke back so I could have TWO Thiefie Mcmuffins going at it... not like that dude, that's gross... As I was saying, TWO people stealing, while also teaching Locke all the magic he needs and stuff. Ha ha, multitasking. I can do most stealing on the Veldt, and magic grind, and Lore/Rage hunt all at once!

So... basically the gist of this is that I'm calling it here. I know today was a super short post, but next is the Phoenix Cave to get Locke back, and that's probably going to be a whole weekend update in and of itself. On the upside, we're almost at the end of the game, so woohoo! To be guardedly optimistic, I'll say this'll be over in two weeks. So until next weekend, remember... cuddle up baby, move in tight. We'll go dancing tomorrow night. It's cold out there, but it's warm in bed. They can dance, we'll stay at home instead.

Screw you, it's a catchy song!

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