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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Miles Away from Home

I come to in a room full of gargoyles, and take the first answer in another prompt, which seems to mean I'm about to fight my way out, with a party of only four (I recruited a Salamander and a Mu Farmer) completely unprepared.

...and, upon further examination, COMPLETELY DEVOID OF EQUIPMENT.
Anything my people did have was taken, and my inventory is empty. Well, shit. And the enemies are largely Cobra Commander, who is enough of a dick when we're all geared up.

But a couple of good things happen here. First, my Lizard and Rancher both have levels in Unarmed, so we're not totally helpless. Furthermore...

Back home, Deianeira learned a new Shiny spell called Galaxy, which does 1000 damage and up to all targets. We're losing LP, but we're surviving. That's with a lot of running though, because FUCK NO I am not fighting three Cobra Commanders naked, thank you very much. We get back up to the next floor and talk to that guy again, and are gassed AGAIN...

We give the second answer when we wake up next time.

And end up on the landship on the Savannah. I suspect this will end in a boss fight. I may be resetting so I can get the crew filled out and teched-up before we do this again...

Considering our very first fight here ends with all of us poisoned and dead, this is precisely what is going to happen.

I wind up running through Saramatt to avoid ending up in Miles again. Meet Jeanne (as in "d'Arc,") the dancer. She has specialities in a number of weapons but none of these is unarmed. Even so, I want to try new classes for this advanture, so she makes the cut. Now back to Avalon to get gear and techs, and then we will try the Miles adventure again.


  1. Playing a RPG when you don't even know the language? That is hardcore!

  2. Thanks - we really enjoy it! (Except when we get stuck, but eh, it happens.)